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Xiao Yao San, the Free and Easy Formula.

Xiao Yao Zhuangzi (15):powders-traditional-chinese-medicine-school-canada

The perfected one rides the truth of heaven, soars aloft , and wanders boundlessly in unfettered freedom. […]

Mystically one with the universe, he does not act purposefully.

He is not hurried, yet moves swiftly.

He goes everywhere in his freedom.

He is truly a free and easy wanderer.

In this chapter from his Taoist philosophical text, Zhuang Zhu describes Xiao (Boundless) Yao (Distant), who enjoys the freedom of the perfected mind. The free and easy wanderer who, like water, flows around obstacles, does not clash or compete and thus goes far. He goes with the flow. He is one with the Tao, with nature.

In Chinese Medicine maintaining the free flow of qi, the energy of the body, is what keeps us in good health, physically and mentally. Obstruction of the natural course of energy is what causes disease and pain. There are many things that can obstruct the free and easy flow of qi through the body- a local trauma like a sprain or bruise can cause stagnation in the form of pain, swelling, and discoloration; cold can cause constriction that can obstruct the flow of qi and blood to our finger tips and toes in the winter that leave them feeling tingly and numb; and stress can cause the qi to stagnate causing us to feel irritable, or react more extremely to something that might not ordinarily bother us.

In Chines Herbology there is a famous herbal formula called Xiao Yao San, so named for its ability to restore and maintain the free flow of qi, as well as to sooth, soften, and nourish the organs that help maintain the natural unobstructed flow of energy in the body. This formula is helpful for relieveing feelings of stress that impedes our ability to be boundless and free in our minds and spirits, and healthy in our bodies.

Xiao Yao San, as an herbal formula will not provide the full benefits afforded to one who has found the peace of the perfected mind, but it does allow us to glimpse that tranquility to remind us of our natural state, and that’s a pretty good start.

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