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When the Masters Come to Town.

This past weekend was an incredible learning opportunity and being the sponge that I am I was feeling pretty full by Sunday afternoon. So full that I took a rare opportunity to lie on my bed and swim through the smorgasbord of ideas, lessons, inspiration & wonder of everything that happened.

It was an exploration of the web, the interconnectedness of us all and how the fundamental nature of Chinese medicine helps to connect the dots that make us whole.

Two of the main Acupuncture suppliers here in Toronto, &, joined forces around the idea that the Acupuncture community (physiotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors included), as a whole needed something big to sink our teeth into. They looked through their stocks to find who the leaders were, the master practitioners, and built a three day weekend of opportunity to learn from the greats, And during this month of reflection on what we have to give thanks for, I am grateful.

Grateful to see practitioners of other modalities present, to see various schools & students learning together, to see our suppliers working for a common goal of gifting their clients (us, the practitioners & schools & students), the Masters to learn from. Fortifying our practice, increasing our knowledge base and raising the frequency of excitement we feel for our medicine. The spectrum was wide: Research; bridging East & West, Electroacupuncture, Master Tung’s points, Moxibustion, Ear Acupuncture, Fertility, Sports Acupuncture & Cupping therapy.

It’s the same buzz people get when the new I phone comes to town, Janelle Monae is rocking the T-dot, when Leonard Cohen graces us with depth of soul and vision that spans centuries of wisdom and a desire for more.

The experience of awe & love & gratitude for what has come before you, for the opportunity you have now to participate & for the potential for us to be something more & greater together, because of each other, for sake of one another.

Stayed tuned for accounts of the workshop & please for those of you who missed it & have a feeling you missed out, well you kinda did. But if you could email the distributors from the web addresses above, let them know you’d like the opportunity again. Let’s encourage greatness & the continued quest for knowledge.

That picture by the way is Ilkay Zihni Chirali the cupping Master & a very inspired me.