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Raising The Bar

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are being regulated in Ontario and practitioners are required to be members of the College by April 1st. We have been insured as practitioners and are members of professional associations; however officially becoming members of a College helps this medicine become more widely used and trusted by the public.

Ontario will be the only province, other than British Columbia, that will regulate both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine. It’s more than a big deal!

The biggest deal for Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners is that they will have to continue to upgrade and gain continuing education credits. This means Toronto will start to see some great education opportunities for Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners. Toronto certainly has seen great masters of the medicine over the years, but now the steaks are higher & only good things can come from this.

Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine is sponsoring a great workshop on the eve of the regulations deadline. Lonny Jarrett,, will be offering a Deepening Perspectives on Pulse Diagnosis workshop on March 30 & 31st.

Lonny Jarrett has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over thirty years. His work constantly looks at the edge of who we are as practitioners of this traditional medicine. His previous experience as a neuroscientist and his personal and clinical as a Five Element Acupuncturist, is something we are excited to welcome people to participate in.

As both a school and healing arts center, Eight Branches strives for the best knowledge and practices. The regulatory process will be a great transition and offer up great learning opportunities. We certainly are excited for the road ahead.