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It’s Moxa Time at our Toronto Acupuncture School!

As we slowly move into the coldest time of the year we need to prepare our bodies by gradually starting to warm ourselves from the inside out. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we stay warm in lots of different ways: by preparing herbal formulas to boost the yang qi (warming energy of the body); eating foods with warming properties and staying away from cooling and raw foods; staying bundled up-making sure to protect the neck from cold and draughts, as well as the low back; and by doing moxa, lots of moxa!

Moxa is a cottony-looking herb produced by the mugwort plant. When the fluff is harvested it can be rolled into cones and burned on the skin with the aid of a protective barrier; packed into paper and burned like a cigar over the skin; or burned on top of needles to transfer its warmth deep into the body. Clinically, moxa has many applications such as aiding with the circulation of qi to reduce local pain and stagnation, and helping improve digestion, additionally, using moxa regularly on a point called Zu San Li (Leg three Mile) is one of the best ways to support your body and your health over time.

Located on the outer aspect of the leg four fingers below the lower border of the knee cap, the Zu San Li acupuncture point helps boost the qi of the whole body allowing you to feel more rested, grounded, and energized- which is a huge boost to the immune system! This technique is easy to do with a smokeless moxa stick on yourself at home with a bit of guidance from your acupuncturist beforehand. Come in for a treatment in our Toronto acupuncture school teaching clinic to see how it’s done and stay healthy and warm this season!

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