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Herbal Heat! Herbs to Keep You Warm this Season



As the weather gets colder Chinese Medicine comes to the rescue once again with herbs that are tried, tested, and true for millennia for keeping the body feeling energized and warmed from the inside out.

So if your are feeling chilly, or like you’ve got a cold coming on, add a dash of one of these spices traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to your tea, soup, or stew, and keep warm. But remember, don’t over do it, just a little bit once in a while should do the trick.

Fresh Ginger (Sheng Jiang) – Sliced fresh ginger is something that you can have daily in a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a little honey. It’ll help you feel warm and can also benefit digestion.

Cinnamon (Rou Gui)– This is a powerfully warming spice, so using just a little bit of it is all you should need on an occasional basis. Cinnamon is a delicious addition to lots of fruit crumbles and pies but also a nice addition to tomato sauce.

Cloves ( Ding Xiang)– A very warming spice that can expel cold while keeping the insides warm, and improve digestion. Try piercing an onion with whole cloves and adding to soups, broths or poaching liquids.

Fennel (Xiao Hui Xiang)– Warms, expels cold, helps with indigestion. Fennel tea after a meal on a cold night might be just the thing!

Cardamom (Bai Dou Kou)– Adding a pinch of ground cardamom to black tea is delicious, great for invigorating digestion, and warming the body. If you can grind the cardamom yourself be sure to grind the pod along with the seeds.

Enjoy and stay warm!