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Fight Flowers with Flowers! Ju Hua- the Plant that Relieves Allergy Symptoms


It’s spring and for many of us the greening trees and blooming plants both delight, and disturb our senses. Let me introduce you to a little flower that will actually help get rid of your itchy watery eyes instead of causing them.

Ju Hua, also know as Chrysanthemum, is used as a herbal remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine this time of year to help the body cope with allergens, and especially relieve eyes that are itchy and red.

To get the benefits of Ju Hoa add the dried flowers to boiling water for a delicious tea along with other helpful Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs like citrus peel for excess phlegm; fresh ginger to boost the body’s defences; liquorice root to stop cough and boost qi.

Acupuncture is another excellent tool for safely and effectively treating allergies. Come in and try acupuncture or TCM herbs in the teaching clinic of our Toronto acupuncture school, and in the mean time here is a delicious and simple recipe for Ju Hua tea to try at home. Enjoy it, and enjoy the outdoors!

Makes one large tea pot

1/8 cup Ju Hua

6-8 Slices fresh ginger

peel of one lemon

Boiling water to fill large tea pot.

Place all ingredients in a tea pot or insulated carafe. Pour water over top and allow to sit for 15 minutes to allow the flavour of the ginger to come out. You can continue to top up with water throughout the day as the tea is consumed.

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