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Add Tuina and improve results

Tuina massage is one of the many tools for healing that Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer. In this modality, different manual techniques are used on acupuncture points or along the meridians connecting one part of the body to another to address muscle tension, muscle weakness and mal-alignment. By focusing on stretching the fascia and sinews that comprise the meridians we can correct postural alignment issues that cause pain and discomfort which are among the major reasons that patients seek out acupuncture treatment, especially when more conventional methods have not worked.

For Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, adding Tuina to your acupuncture and herbal treatments can enhance treatment results and improve patient satisfaction, as well as increasing  overall understanding of how the muscles and fascia function as a whole. The linked research article at the bottom of this page outlines some early studies into how Tuina can compliment acupuncture and herbs in the treatment of low back pain.

Eight Branches will be hosting a series of Asian Bodywork workshops for practitioners wanting to incorporate more manual techniques into their practice, the first of which will be Tuina and Sinew Channels Stretch with Eight Branches practitioner, Matt Sedo.

This workshop will take place on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 from 12-4pm (4 CEU) at 358 Dupont street.

Cost is $75.

Register early- Spaces are limited. Email

Tuina-Focused Integrative ChineseMedicalTherapies for Inpatients with Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review andMeta-Analysis

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