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Benefits of Tai Chi and it’s Importance in Chinese Medicine

Tai Chi is an internal martial art that constitutes one of the eight branches of traditional Chinese medicine. Gentle movements are practiced in sequences called forms, that aim to connect the body and the mind through focused breath and slow intentional movements. It is through this integration that we can achieve greater physical health, better pain management, as well as improve our mental health and perception of our wellbeing.

In a study published in April 2016, it was shown that the regular practice of Tai Chi reduced low back pain by having an effect on cognitive appraisal outcomes such as pain-catastrophising, and anticipated pain outcomes Other studies have suggested that regular practice of Tai Chi can help people with cardiovascular disease- reducing blood pressure and depression scores, and improving quality of life Studies like these clearly illustrate the cascade of health benefits achieved when we bring a calm mind into the body.

It is for this reason that we include Tai Chi as part of the core curriculum in all of our programs at our Toronto Acupuncture School. Tai Chi is an important and useful tool for our students to share with their future clients; it helps our students to cultivate an inner-groundedness that they can take into their practices as future practitioners; and it constitutes a part of the self-care that we include as part of our Toronto Acupuncture school mandate to help our students stay healthy and strong throughout their education.

By allowing us to connect to our bodies, and bringing us a deeper awareness of our own health,both psych0emotional and physical, the internal martial arts can help us to better serve ourselves, the communities we are part of, and the people who seek us out for help and healing.

Does pain-catastrophising mediate the effect of tai chi on treatment outcomes for people with low back pain?

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