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8 Reasons to Study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto at Eight Branches Academy

1. Comprehensive Curriculum

At our Toronto Acupuncture College in we teach Eight Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine in each of our programs, including bodywork techniques, nutrition, herbs, as well as the Taoist Arts like Tai Chi and Qi Gong. By highlighting each of these Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine our programs are more comprehensive and truer to the historical roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Graduates of Eight Branches will be able to provide truly holistic care with knowledge and skill in the many tools Chinese Medicine offers.

2. Commitment to Continual Improvement

At Eight Branches we are committed to our continual improvement as an academic institution. Through reflection and dialogue with the student body, we are always looking for new and better ways to accommodate the needs of our students. We are always striving to envision the best possible curriculum and learning environment to make Eight Branches a truly dynamic and rewarding place to  study Chinese Medicine in Toronto.

3. Emphasis on Practical Skills and Clinical Practice

Our Curriculum maintains a 50/50 split between lecture-style and practical classes because we want our students to have every opportunity to become skilled practitioners of the many hands on therapies included in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our goal is to send our graduates into their careers prepared for clinical practice and confident to treat a broad client base.

4. Student Self-care

We incorporate self-care practices for our students into the basic curriculum of each of our programs at our Toronto acupuncture school. Unlimited complimentary treatments in our teaching clinics and regular practice of the Taoist arts help students maintain good overall health, and manage the stress of being a student.

5. Student-Focused Environment

We are continually trying to find ways to make sure that the well-being of our students comes first. Whether that is by having a student body representative to give voice to student suggestions and concerns; or by creating a peer-to-peer assisted learning program, giving senior students the opportunity to mentor junior students wanting extra academic assistance. We value the health and needs of our students and want them to succeed personally and professionally.

6. Community-Mindedness

We seek to create community spirit among students spanning different years and programs. Hosting monthly potlucks in our student kitchen; launching new programs for peer-to-peer mentoring for students requiring extra help; and connecting students to the broader Traditional Chinese Medicine community in Toronto are just a few of ways we seek to instill a sense of community at our Toronto Acupuncture school.

7. Evening and Weekends Full Time program for students with part time availability

We are happy to offer a full time evening and weekend schedule for students with limited weekday availability. This program is perfect for students with day jobs looking to train for a second career in a timely way. This program also maintains the hourly requirement for the full time tuition rate.

8. Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to students who qualify. Inquire within for more details.

Come by the school for a tour or join us at our info session on June 10th at 2pm.


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