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Two things come to mind at time of choosing a school: the quality of its Faculty, and the overall Spirit guiding the learning experience. Eight Branches succeeds in uniting a remarkably qualified and enthusiastic team of teachers, sharing knowledge and know-how in a welcoming and flexible environment.

But to fully grasp all the dynamic ramifications of Eight Branches as a student, one should still appreciate: the exposure to an enriching diversity of therapeutic modalities by true experts of their art (herbology, Japanese, Korean and Chinese styles of acupuncture); practical training in a professional clinic setting; experiencing body and energetic work (through qigong, shiatsu and tuina); and the attentive academic guidance necessary to succeed in the Traditional Chinese Medicine regulatory Boards examinations.

As a graduate student, I can only be grateful to Eight Branches for expanding towards, and uniting so harmoniously, these vital dimensions of Eastern medicine. – Yanik Delvigne


I came from the US to study in Toronto because I have family here.  I didn’t start my TCM studies at Eight Branches Academy so I can provide some comparisons.  I would say Eight Branches has, by far, the best-rounded curriculum, the best faculties and the best learning environment of any TCM school in the Toronto area.  The school is committed not to just the teaching of its students but also to their well-being.  At Eight Branches, you don’t have to concern yourself with recruiting patients for the teaching clinic after you pay your tuition.  Students can receive treatment for free at the teaching clinic by supervised capable interns if you have an acute or chronic health concerns.  The school pays attention to all treatment modalities such as tuina, moxa, guasha, and shiatsu not just acupuncture and herbs.  The school also arranges oversea internship studies in China; a good experience to have.  Last but not the least, the school does respond to students’ feedback on courses.  I am proud to be a member of the Eight Branches’ growing family.
– Pei-Shan Van Zoeren


I did my homework when shopping for an acupuncture school. I knew I wanted a place where I felt comfortable and supported, in addition to receiving an excellent education. I also was intrigued by the holistic vision of the founder – that we were not just intended to learn TCM but to develop skills that would prove useful as life-long practitioners – like tai chi, qi gong and shiatsu.

What I saw and heard from my first visits to the school remained true throughout my two years at Eight Branches. The teachers are experienced and proficient in TCM and/or Western Medicine (often both!). Clinical experience began early and provided exposure to a myriad of clients from the public and conditions. The administration is extremely responsive, friendly and open to receive input. The environment is conducive to learning, and to being a bit of a second home.

I would highly recommend this school. – Laura Kaufer


As a graduate of the acupuncture diploma program, I can say that both administrative and teaching staff are very supportive to students’ learning. An atmosphere of both cooperation and self-cultivation are strongly encouraged in all aspects of the program. This makes for future practitioners who posses both interpersonal skills as well as a sense of confidence within their clinical abilities. – Kelsey Cunningham


Eight Branches Academy is a wonderful place to study Chinese Medicine. The Acupuncture and TCMP programs offer a balanced curriculum which includes a strong foundation in theory, as well as practical hands-on classes and self-care.  Eight Branches teachers and administrators are knowledgeable, dedicated and caring.  They work hard to ensure the highest standard of education and student success.  I personally feel that these qualities, along with the school’s positive, supportive learning environment, make Eight Branches Academy an exceptional place to learn and practise the beautiful healing art of Chinese Medicine. – Caryn Beth Sherman


I completed my TCM Practitioner Diploma at Eightbranches after training in TCM elsewhere for one year. During my six semesters at Eightbranches I had some fantastic teachers, and I enjoyed being with my fellow students. The atmosphere at the school is the best for learning, very harmonious with a lot of attention both on curriculum and the person.

Our principal Ryan is always available to talk and support every student. He constantly strives to keep his school at the best level, and to help students in to their learning path. Our Dean is brilliant, knowledgeable, and very fun to be around: nonetheless his classes are extremely intense and engaging.

The school welcome that students attend part of their clinical hours requirements at other clinics and with external practitioner, and this gives the students the incredible advantage of learning a variety of techniques and approaches that is impossible to learn attending only a school clinic.

At Eightbranches there are also a number of facilities that students are encouraged to use after they graduate to keep up and develop their own practice, and this too is something unique compared to the other schools that I know. – Paola Vanzetti


Eight Branches has a great curriculum and teachers that give you a thorough understanding of TCM.  They are flexible, approachable and very personable.  I chose Eight Branches for the wholistic approach and complete comprehensive courses. I feel fortunate to have found Eight Branches.  Eight Branches is passionate about giving a high quality TCM education to its students in a professional and supportive environment.
– Jacqui Doyle


Eight Branches creates a great learning environment.  The staff bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the classes.  They are so helpful with any student need.  My experience at Eight Branches has been really great!


I have loved studying at Eight Branhces.  The faculty is phenomenal.  The environment is very calm, warm and inviting.  Most important the courses are all excellent (especially love the hands on learning and the “eight branches” focus).


I really enjoyed my experience at Eight Branches and am grateful to the people at this school for all that they are doing; the faculty, staff and students are really committed to teaching and learning this traditional medicine. The program includes many modalities or branches of the medicine including tai qi and qi gong along with other practices which help to keep us well during our studies and as practitioners. I completed the acupuncture program here in 2 years and know that the administrators work hard to ensure that courses are offered in a way that keeps students on track. The clinic here is wonderful too with the opportunity to learn clinical skills from many different teachers. I would have continued studying if I could 🙂 and will continue to take the opportunity to learn more from the many workshops and classes that are hosted at this school. – Marianne Pedretti


I completed the Acupuncture & Moxibustion Diploma program at Eight Branches, in the accelerated 2-year (6 semester) option, and found it to be a very supportive school, with administration always willing to meet with you if you had any concerns or individualized situations to work out. For the most part the classes are very informative and well-structured, and the school is very diligent about gathering student feedback to improve (I’ve already seen this take place in my two years there.)

As a graduate, I am currently taking advantage of their very generous audit-for-life policy, which allows you to re-take classes you have already taken for no charge as a refresher. This is especially useful for classes that change teachers from year to year, to get a different teacher’s perspective. And since Ontario regulation currently takes many months after graduation to complete, this is a great opportunity to stay in touch with TCM studies while waiting to be registered to practice.

I really appreciate that Eight Branches is concerned about keeping tuition affordable, and at the time of my enrollment they were the most affordable TCM school in Toronto. They offer student discounts for many very informative workshops, and they also offer registration exam prep courses, both paid for and complementary. – Steven Enman-Beech


From the great, peaceful environment to the variety of courses offered and excellent instruction, Eight Branches really pays attention to every detail.  Most schools view you as a number, but the staff at Eight Branches really care about every student.

The schedule is really convenient and flexible.


I looked into Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine (EBAEM) after spending 4 terms at another TCM school in Toronto. I was very happy that I made the move! There was a warm, positive, inviting, feel-good energy that the other school didn’t have.

Having graduated from a respected nursing university, I know the importance of a nurturing and engaging learning environment, proficient teachers that care about students’ success, clinical experience, and preparation for the licensing exam. EBAEM has all of these and more!

I completed my Acupuncture Diploma here. The curriculum is focused and diverse! I took every acupuncture course, even though it wasn’t mandatory for the acupuncture diploma program – various styles including TCM, Japanese, Korean, orthopedic and micro-systems. The classes are engaging with practical components. We even made herbal decoctions in herbal medicine classes. EBAEM encompasses both theory and hands-on learning by using all 5 senses. Also, I appreciated the ethics and introductory business classes that helped me to become an entrepreneur.

I like that the school supports internships. We get a lot of practice within our student teaching clinic, but EBAEM doesn’t limit our practice within the school; students are given opportunities to see what the real world is like. Students can intern at community acupuncture clinics or private practices. My experience learning at the student clinic and private practice gave me the confidence to be a competent acupuncturist today.

EBAEM prepares students exceptionally well for the Pan-Canadian Exams for Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners. We had prep courses and practice exams that helped us focus on what to study for and gave us the confidence to succeed.

I am proud to be part of the EBAEM alumni. EBAEM supports lifelong learning through various professional workshops. I have taken advantage of these workshops as a student and as a professional, which has been a pleasure on its own and gave me the step up in my career.

Enrolling into EBAEM is not only just being in school, but it is being part of a community that cares for the betterment of people’s health and well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend EBAEM!
– H. Nguyen, R.Ac, R.N.


The curriculum of the program is what first drew me to Eight Branches.  When I visited I felt a really great positive energy in the school.  The other schools I visited felt very rigid, whereas Eight Branches was more open and geared towards the needs of its students.  I really appreciated the quality of clinical training and instruction.  It lead to a more integrated understanding of all facets.  I loved the inclusion of Qi Gong and Tai Ji and the opportunity to study all eight branches of Chinese medicine.


I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the workshop on Pulse Diagnosis this weekend.

Dr. Guo was a very thorough and profoundly knowledgeable speaker – it was quite an enjoyable experience.

Renee was an excellent and inviting host.

With the eclectic participant base it was an exciting opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge.

Thank you again for the opportunity.

– Catherine


I first encountered Eight Branches when it was known as the Kokoro dojo sometime around 2003.  It is a great thrill for me to see how fast it has grown and matured into the pre-eminent place to study Eastern medicine in Toronto.  It’s teachers are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the medicine and teaching facilities are incredible.  What a treat to have an entire teaching clinic and classroom at my disposal for every class!  The combination of the teaching facility, the medical clinic as well as the beautiful dojo, really make this place an world class place to learn, study, train and practice.  It’s an honour to be a part of this family.  – Greg Cockerill


My internship has come to an end as of yesterday. It has been an amazing experience and one month feels much too short. The doctors we have followed have been great, willing to answer questions, teach us various treatment techniques and even allow for some hands on practice. It has been such a great opportunity and I have learned so much from the experience.

Thank you for facilitating this amazing opportunity! – Leah Meltz on return from post-grad internship at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine