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Tao Yin is a series of physical exercises traditionally practiced by Taoists to cultivate qi, the internal energy of the body according to Eastern Philosophy.  The practice of Tao Yin is thought to be a precursor to qi gong, and was practised in Chinese Taoist monasteries for health and spiritual cultivation.  Tao Yin is also said to be a primary formative ingredient in the well-known  Chinese martial art, Tai Chi Ch’uan.

A typical Tao Yin exercise will involve movement of the arms and body in time with controlled inhalation and exhalation.  Each exercise is designed with a different goal in mind, for example calmative effects or expanded lung capacity.

Some of the exercises act as a means of sedating, some as a stimulant and a tonic, whilst others help in the activation, harnessing and cultivation of internal Qi energy and the external life force.  These exercises assist in opening the body, enhancing the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, increasing the mental capacity of the brain, giving greater mind control, increasing perception and give tranquillity to the mind.

INSTRUCTOR: Dondrub Wangchuk