Simon Yoon,



Simon began his career in health with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science from the National University of Chungnam in Korea.  His enthusiasm for health and wellness lead him to pursue an education in SaAm Five Element (SAFE) Acupuncture where Simon trained and interned at Dr. Kumo’s SaAm Acupuncture Institute in Korea.  He later came to Canada to learn English and to complete a Doctoral Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In addition to running his clinic, Simon teaches SAFE Acupuncture to the public.  He is also the executive director of the Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association of Canada (FEACMA). Simon has a strong interest in giving back  to the community and helping those in need locally and around the world, and is active at Kumo’s SaAm Non Profit Acupuncture Service (a registered Korean charity), and Health Mission Outreach (HMO; a registered Canadian charity).

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