Renee Pilgrim, 



Renee Pilgrim received her Diploma of Acupuncture and Practitioner Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto. Growing up in a North Eastern Atlantic-coast Town, Renee understood from early on how important it is to live in relationship with the seasons as well as maintain one’s connection with community.  Rooted in the fundamentals of lifestyle and nutrition, Renee works with people who want to achieve optimum health. Over the past two years, Renee has been studying with Lonny Jarrett to develop the clinical practice of Chinese Medicine and incorporate how the medicine, which is over 5000 years old, relates to who we are in the post-modern world. Drawing on the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element practice, Renee has been working with patients in her current practice ( to transform their physical and emotional health. With a background in arts, psychology and history, Renee takes an integrative approach to her practice. She draws upon her experience in the study of reiki, yoga and tai qi, in combination with the various modalities of Chinese Medicine, such as cupping, guasha, moxa, meditation and Tui Na massage.  In addition to Chinese Medicine, Renee also spent many years

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