Educational Excellence

Graduates of Eight Branches consistently perform well on the Pan-Canadian Examinations. At Eight Branches, we pride ourselves on providing not only a comprehensive education but one that is tailored to help students pass the necessary exams. We know how stressful it can be to have your career postponed.


What are your graduate pass rates?

There are currently only 4 Ontario schools with 200+ applicants that have taken the Pan-Canadian Exams. Eight Branches is one of them with 215 applicants.


Of the top 5 largest acupuncture schools in Ontario, Eight Branches graduates have the highest First Attempt and Overall Pass rate in each category of the Pan-Can Exams since the exam's inception in October of 2013. 

If you are interested in how we calculated these

results you can download our excel worksheet.

Data used for the excel was compiled from the CTCMPAO site and analyzed by a third-party. (

All calculations are done as of the 2019 exam results.

2013-2019 Overall.png
2013-2019 Acupuncture.png
2013-2019 Written.png
2013-2019 TCMP.png
2013-2019 Clinical.png