Educational Excellence

Graduates of Eight Branches consistently outperform their peers on the Pan-Canadian National Examinations. At Eight Branches, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive education that is tailored to help students pass the necessary exams and build a successful professional practice.


Pass rates on the Pan-Canadian examinations are the most essential evaluation tool for prospective students as it is the only objective criteria to compare schools.

What are your graduate pass rates?

Eight Branches has a track record of high pass rates in each section of both the Acupuncture and TCM Pan-Canadian Exams. The results we post are cumulative from the inception of the Pan-Canadian and we invite all prospective students to look at our pass rates from not only our most recent cohort but our track record from 2013 to now.

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These results are published by the Government regulator in Ontario, The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO), and can be viewed here for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCMP) exam:

and here for the Acupuncturist exam:

Many schools post misleading information about their school pass rates.  We encourage prospective students to verify the data via the CTCMPAO. If you are curious about how we calculate our results and how we compare, please reach out to us at