Live TCM Cooking with Zoey Gong

Hosted by: Eight Branches

Event date: Wednesday, July 6th (06:00 PM EDT)


Join us for a complimentary cooking webinar with guest lecturer, Zoey! Zoey Gong is a TCM chef and a registered dietician. Born in Shanghai, she now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is the founder of Five Seasons TCM - a wellness brand that shares and modernizes the knowledge of TCM food therapy through educational content, functional products, and unique aesthetics.

In the webinar, Zoey will showcase a cooking demo on how to make a Summer Multigrain Congee to reduce dampness. She will also be sharing some of her extensive nutritional TCM knowledge. Zoey is a TCM student herself. After the webinar, you can stay tuned to learn more about a career in acupuncture and TCM.

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