Kavita Gill



Kavita Gill brings a fresh, holistic and patient centered approach to her practice. Her aim is to facilitate the healing journey, empowering patients to make better decisions and bring mind and body into a state of equilibrium.

Utilizing TCM diagnostic techniques, Kavita is able to treat a variety of ailments from digestive complaints, migraines, insomnia, overwork and stress related illnesses. Specifically, she has interned with TCM leaders in the fields of gynecology and fertility; age-prevention & dermatology; muscular skeletal pain and trauma.

Kavita is a well-respected faculty member at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine instructing Advanced Chinese Nutrition to the next generation of acupuncturists and herbalists. Kavita Gill is a Toronto-based, registered and licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (CTCMPAO). She is currently practicing professionally as a TCMP at Living Waters Therapies in Leslieville.

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