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Ba Gua, Push Hands & Meditation


Andy James

Shifu Andy James (Wu Andao) is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre. In 1984, he gave up a career as a Chartered Accountant to teach Buddhist-Daoist mind-body disciplines fulltime.Shifu James was trained as a teacher of Insight Meditation (Vipassana) by the renowned Thai meditation master and author, Dhiravamsa, one of the first Eastern meditation Masters to come to the West. His first and main teacher in theInternal Martial Arts of Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan was the globally recognized Master, Miss Rose Li (see Lineage). Shifu James subsequently studied medical and martial Qigong under Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, a martial arts and healing Master, who is an undoubted pioneer in bringing Medical Qigong to the West.

As a martial artist, Shifu James has been a successful competitor, coach and judge. He has coached Tai Chi & Meditation Centre competition teams to numerous international medals and he himself was a member of the Canadian Masters’ demonstration team at the World Wu Shu Championships in Maryland. He has been the President of the Canadian branch of the Wudang Internal Martial Arts Association, Vice-president of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and a Director of the Canadian Kuo Shu (Martial Arts) Association. He has judged at the World Wu Shu Championships in Baltimore and the Pan American Wu Shu Championships in Toronto.

Medically, Andy James is a qualified Medical Qigong Therapist under the auspices of the International Institute of Medical Qigong (IIMQ), which has been educating Westerners in Chinese energetic medicine for over 23 years. The IIMQ currently has branches in 13 countries and 15 states. Fashioned after the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, the IIMQ is known internationally for maintaining the highest standards in Medical Qigong instruction and clinical therapy. Mr. James is also a certified Zen Shiatsu therapist and has been a Vice-president of the Canadian Practitioners’ Association of Asian Medicine (CPAAM).

Mr. James’ current passion is Interconnection: specifically the body-energy-emotion-mind-spirit connections within individuals and the many interconnections within the “external” world , whether classified as environmental, cultural, social, political etc… He is a member of the Forge Guild, an international association of trans-traditional spiritual leaders and teachers.

Andy James is the author of The Conscious I: Clarity and Direction through Meditation, Ageless Wisdom Spirituality: Investing in Human Evolution , The Spiritual Legacy of the Shaolin Temple: Buddhism, Daoism and the Energetic Artsand the co-author of Eco Harmony Dawn Cooking: Balancing your Internal and External Environments”.

Andy has been a passionate, interesting and sensitive interviewee, Speaker and Workshop leader.

For more information about Andy’s background and services please contact him by email at [email protected] or visit his websites at or

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Donna Oliver

Shifu Donna Oliver M.Q.T. has trained in Chinese internal martial arts and Qi Gong since 1988 with Shifu Andy James, at the Tai Chi & Meditation Centre in Toronto, where she continues to teach and study.She has consistently won “Gold” in competitions including the Pan Am Games and is a Medical Qi Gong Therapist from the International Institute of Medical Qigong (Canadian branch) and President of the Taoist and Buddhist Meditation Foundation.

For more information about Donna’s background and services please contact her by phone at 416-425-TAO9 (8269) or email [email protected] or visit her website at

Tai Chi & Tao Yin


Dondrub Wangchuk 

“I have always been fascinated by the Eastern approach to life from the philosophy, to the martial arts to the healing arts”.When he was 20 years old, Dondrub began to practice Kung fu, the original definition being “excellence achieved through long practice in any endeavour”. The “endeavour” he chose to pursue was Chinese Martial Arts. “I studied for 10 years, and learned how to be in tune with my body on a much deeper level than I ever thought possible”. During that time, he was also introduced to Buddhist meditation as well as Tai Chi Chuan. “When I practiced meditation I discovered how loud and busy my mind was and now I was given the tools to help me deal with my mind. With Tai Chi Chuan I discovered a way of practicing being quiet on the inside while moving on the outside”.

During this time he began teaching Tai Chi Chuan to the public and discovered “the more I teach the more I learn”. He continues to learn from his students every day.

At 27 Dondrub began to study Zen Shiatsu Therapy at Kokoro Dojo. During his 17 years at the Dojo he has learned the art of Zen Shiatsu. “I have learned that it is possible to bring my whole self into a treatment (to be completely there with my client), I have learned to breathe from my hara, I have learned how healing touch can be”.

Currently, Dondrub is an Instructor of Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga), Tai Chi Chuan and Zen Shiatsu. He continues to pursue studies in Medical Qi gong.

“I look forward to working with you and sharing with you what I know. I hope to help you regain your own natural flow”. For more information about Dondrub’s background and services please contact him by phone at 416.806.7260 or email [email protected]


Mary Paterson

Mary Paterson is the author of the spiritual memoir, The Monks and Me: How 40 Days in Thich Nhat Hanh’s French Monastery Guided Me Home about her 40 day pilgrimage to heal from the death of her parents, published in 2012 in the U.S., Canada, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Turkey, and China. An internationally certified yoga instructor, in Kundalini, Hatha, and Buddhist yoga practices, Mary is the Founder of Toronto’s Lotus Yoga Centre where for eleven years she taught yoga and meditation practices to people from all walks of life. Mary recently sold her Centre to focus more time on writing and Buddhist studies, and now teaches yoga/meditation classes part-time. Mary has traveled extensively throughout India and Nepal studying with renowned masters of various spiritual disciplines with a strong focus on Kundalini yoga, Zen and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Queens University. Trained in classical ballet, Mary also performed in theatre and film, producing works with such luminaries as the singer, Jane Siberry and the internationally celebrated author, Michael Ondaatje. Mary is currently writing her second book based upon her journey throughout the remote regions of the Himalayas, where she studied rare meditation practices with Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoches. Mary teaches in the Creative Writing Department at the University of Toronto.

Mary teaches Buddha’s Kundalini Glow – A flowing series of unique and powerful yoga postures, transformative breath techniques and meditations designed to give you a strong, flexible body, brilliant mind and youthful appearance. These classes draw on the ancient teachings of Kundalini and Buddhist yoga and are  brought to you directly from India and Nepal, where teacher Mary Paterson studied directly with Buddhist and yoga masters. These powerful practices have enhanced the lives of men and women who seek to be truly fit inside and out. The many benefits include: relief from depression and anxiety, weight loss, increased stamina and muscle strength, improved flexibility, clarity of mind, youthful skin, improved heart health, and the reduction of sleep disturbances and stress. Most importantly these extraordinary practices enhance happiness.

Please email Mary for more information and to register for special class discounts at [email protected]


Danza Azteca

Asalia Arellano

Asalia Arellano is the artistic director of Tonantzin Collective and
has been doing Aztec dance in Toronto since 2006. As a kid in private school Asalia started to learn Mexican folklore and theater, and at the age of 13 she studied traditional Aztec/Mexica dance at Zemanahuak Tlamachtiloyan (cultural center for pre-Hispanic Mexican roots) in Mexico city, led by elders such as Kuauhkoatl.

Asalia has been mixing traditional Aztec dance with contemporary styles for over 25 years, studying contemporary ballet at the the Casa del Lago (INBA) and Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico city, as well as dancing with Polo Rojas Ballet, and several Aztec dance groups around Mexico City.

Since arriving in Toronto Asalia has been learning, dancing and working with contemporary dancers such as Norma Araiza, Olga Barrios and Carlos Rivera, to name but a few. Since 2012 she has been dancing with Tlacopan Aztec group of dance in Ontario Canada lead by chief in Aztec dance and Aztec traditions Tomas Salinas, and in 2014 she presented a short piece of theater with a small group of Mexican actors in Toronto, about the Aztec folktale called “Cihuacoatl”.