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Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that involves using a round edged instrument to stroke the surface of the skin with the goal of clearing stagnation from the body via movement.

This motion has the effect of raising small red or purple petequia, or sha, to the surface of the skin. This sha is an indication of pathogenic blood or qi stagnation, which is a possible cause of pain, stiffness, cough, and congestion, amongst other health issues.? The sha that results from treatment may feel slightly sensitive to the touch, though both redness and sensitivity fades within a few days of the treatment.

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As with other traditional Chinese therapies, Guasha encourages the proper circulation of qi and blood, and resolves congestion in the body.

Guasha is used to prevent and treat infectious disease as well as other illnesses caused by lack of free flow of qi and blood such as:

Muscle stiffness and cramps
Certain types of pain
Digestive disorders
Respiratory conditions
Acute and chronic health conditions,
and much more.