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Eight Branches has many resources dedicated to helping you learn, think, and grow.

Faculty Supports

Our faculty is composed of highly dedicated individuals that are passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine and care deeply about our student body. If you are having any challenges in a specific course please approach your instructor and let them know. They can provide many learning resources including specific study tools for your particular needs.

Administrative Supports

Did you know that many of our administrators at Eight Branches are recent graduates? They have been selected for employment partly based on their specific abilities in assisting students with learning and other challenges. Please feel free to contact our administrative team in person or via email to set a meeting.

Peer Assisted Learning

Many of our senior students are eager to help. Eight Branches has recently launched a peer assisted learning program. Senior students that have a particular interest in becoming future instructors are invited to volunteer and they are linked up with students requesting academic assistance.

For any of the above resources please don’t hesitate to talk to or reach out to any staff member.

Lending Library

Eight Branches has an ever expanding library. Students can browse our online catalogue here: